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'Never Hillary' Unifies Republicans Squeamish About Trump
ABC News
Donald Trump's best ally in winning over skeptical Republicans is turning out to be Hillary Clinton. Having overcome a multimillion-dollar "Never Trump" campaign aimed at blocking him from the Republican nomination, he's now benefiting from a wave of ...
How Hillary LosesPOLITICO Magazine
Donald Trump's Assault on Hillary Clinton's CharacterU.S. News & World Report
How Donald Trump is doing what Hillary Clinton can only dream aboutCNBC
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Business Insider

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agree on one huge thing — and Wall Street knows it
Business Insider
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump disagree on most things. There is, however, one issue on which they seem to be in agreement, and Wall Street investors are starting to catch on. In Christopher Wood's weekly "Greed and Fear" newsletter, the CLSA analyst ...

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Hillary Clinton Must Debunk the Notion That Donald Trump's Wealth Qualifies Him for President
What is the single greatest aspect about Donald Trump that most convinces his supporters that he would be a great CEO of America? Simple. It is the fact that Trump is super rich. His supporters know that Trump flip-flops. They know that he lies. They ...
HILLARY: Donald Trump is an 'urgent threat to our rights'Business Insider

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Washington Times

Donald Trump: Inspector general report on Hillary Clinton's emails 'devastating'
Washington Times
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday called a watchdog's report that chastised Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton's email practices “devastating” and said the whole controversy was a display of “bad judgment” on her ...
6 reasons anti-Trump 'thoughtful' Republicans will go for Hillary Clinton | OpinionNJ.com
Donald Trump hits delegate count needed for Republican nomination – as it happenedThe Guardian
Hillary Clinton Trolls Donald Trump With Custom Snapchat Filter At His Own RallyHuffington Post
Observer -Breitbart News -FOX 11 Los Angeles
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Donald Trump Stops By Jimmy Kimmel Live! To Talk Transgender Bathrooms, Hillary Clinton, & More -- & The Weeknd ...
The rapper, who is muslim, also talked about how he is on "a campaign of positivity and love," and that Trump's statements about his religion go against his beliefs. Ch-ch-check out the presidential hopeful dish on transgender bathrooms, Hillary ...
Jimmy Kimmel to Donald Trump: Were you 'full of s---' when you praised Hillary Clinton?Business Insider
Trump: As A Businessman 'Maybe' I Was Full Of Sh*t Praising Hillary [VIDEO]Daily Caller
'Game on!' Trump and Sanders hammer out tentative deal that will make Hillary seetheBizPac Review

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New York Times

Your Thursday Evening Briefing: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Baylor University
New York Times
2. Mr. Trump chose an an oil industry conference in North Dakota to make his first policy speech on energy and the environment. His priorities: rejecting the Paris climate agreement to focus on “real environmental problems” like water pollution, and ...

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National Review Online

Why 'Hillary Is Even Worse' Doesn't Cut It By Charles Murray
National Review Online
The standard response among the Establishmentarians who have announced they will vote for Trump is that “Hillary is even worse.” That's acceptable for people whose only obligation is to cast a vote. Having to choose the lesser of two evils is common in ...


Trump vows energy independence, slams Hillary Clinton
Bismarck, North Dakota (CNN) Donald Trump on Thursday pledged to make the United States fully energy independent as president by reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil and rolling back environmental regulations restricting oil and natural gas ...
Donald Trump 'Will Develop an America First Energy Plan,' as Hillary Clinton Puts Donors FirstBreitbart News
Trump's Energy Plan: Save Coal by Unleashing Fracking?Scientific American
Donald Trump pledges to rip up Paris climate agreement in energy speechMSNBC

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Slate Magazine (blog)

Trump Is Going to Attack Hillary Over Whitewater. What Was Whitewater, Again?
Slate Magazine (blog)
Donald Trump, fresh off hinting Hillary and Bill Clinton may be actual, real-life murderers, plans to next grab hold of the single thread that runs through large swaths of the Clinton conspiracy canon: Whitewater. How do we know this? Because Trump's ...
Trump aide accidentally reveals plan to attack Hillary on WhitewaterNew York Post
Trump plans to target Clinton over WhitewaterPolitico
Trump spokesman accidentally e-mails Politico reporter about dirt on Hillary and WhitewaterHot Air
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'Never Hillary' unites Republicans squeamish about Trump
WASHINGTON (AP) – Donald Trump's best ally in winning over fellow Republicans is turning out to be Hillary Clinton. He overcame a “Never Trump” campaign aimed at blocking him from the Republican nomination. Now he's benefiting from a wave of GOP ...
Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump is an "unqualified loose cannon"CBS News
Hillary Clinton says she is ready for Donald Trump's fantasy campaignFinancial Express

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